School registration SESB

Dear Parent (s),
Thank you for your interest in the SESB program at our school. Our school admits children who have English or German as their native language. Teachers meet with each child prior to admission to ensure they are at a native level of English and/or German.

To register your child please do the following:

  • First go to your child’s allocated school and fill out an application for a school transfer. (Umschulungsantrag)
  • Bring this form, the child’s birth certificate and your identification card and Anmeldung (with address) when registering.
  • Please fill in the registration forms completely and legibly.
  • Give us a valid, readable email address.
Once we have received all the forms we will contact you via email for a language level evaluation for your child. Please note, that the results of the evaluation will be sent at a later date and if we have more prospective students than spaces we will use a lottery system for admittance.

Lastly, if your child needs special accommodations for the evaluation please let us know before the appointment. (Hearing, vision, speaking and/or attention issues can and will be accommodated.)

Please be aware that no registration forms can be accepted before the official registration dates.

Registration dates for school year 2021/2022:
28 September 28 – 09 October 2020